About Us

The founders of EngineeRD Solutions have been working as telecommunications engineers for a combined 50 years across Public and Private Sectors. Through their career, they have had the privilege of working and learning from the IT industry’s leading thought leaders, seasoned engineers, world class performers, and dedicated theoreticians. Drawing on these diverse lessons from business management, personalized coaching, and innovation, they formed EngineeRD with the idea that the art of problem solving is at the core being of any engineer. 

Our team is made up of what we like to call “Enginerds,” a combination of passionate nerds and problem solving engineers who will work for the benefit of their client. We make up a diverse but agile team of solution experts collected across a variety of specializations. The problem space is never limited and has ranged from topics like information technology modernization, business process improvement, career coaching, personalized nutrition and doesn’t stop there. We believe large enterprises and individuals can share the same model of problems research, investigation and diagnosis. EngineeRD uses repeatable tactics and techniques to rapidly collect data, make assessments, design solutions, test methodologies and coach the client on how to execute on our recommendations. 

EngineeRD’s mission is to make the art of problem solving a process that is fun and enjoyable for our team, our clients and the communities we are apart of.  

Join us as we leave the world better than they found it, where everyone can manage their complex challenges and learn to build better and more ambitious dreams.

Contact Us

202 Church Street SE

Suite 542

Leesburg, VA 20175

(T): 540-566-5669

(E): hello[at]

Researched with Passion

We believe all people are born to be explorers, and humans are designed to challenge themselves and the world around them. With unique skills and passions, we have collected the most passionate minds that enjoy the process of discovery as much as concluding on the answer. 

Designed with Stoicism

Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus are the forefathers of common sense philosophy. We feel that the difference between being good and great is having humility and patience. We take this approach to our design, and always promote – “simpler the better”

Engineered for Life

We are real engineers and therefore pride ourselves in being “problem agnostic.” Our solution methods can be applied to the individual overcoming personal health challenges, or a large global business attempting to modernize their enterprise IT. 

Solutions that Last

Our purpose is driven by the belief that we must leave the world a better place than when we found it. This can be the people that make us, the lives we impact, and the communities that reflect what we give to it. This is why we focus on always delivering solutions that are both sustainable and future proof as the climate evolves.

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