Our Amazing Work

Services built with agility in mind and are backed by over twenty years of credible problem solving experience.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

We cut our teeth during the inaugural Department of Defense (DoD) Mobility Implementation Plan which was a mission to modernize and extend the business reach of our Armed Forces, Agencies and Military Departments. This vantage point allowed us to take industry best practices for converging a fixed network environment to a fully mobile capable work place and advise our clients on how to meet the strict information assurance (cybersecurity) expectations of the DoD. 

Unified Communication

The advent of the GIG economy, faster networks and larger expectations for information exchange has made technology selection a new and challenging part of the business process. We are proud to have advanced our clients into the modern age by integrating their voice, video, chat, presence, conferencing, file sharing, and office automation requirements into a seamless business experience. 


Analysts predict that cybercrime will cost the world $6 Trillion annually by the year 2021. Considering that the five top targeted industries for cyber crime are healthcare, government, financial services, manufacturing, and transportation, we respect our key role in advising on and managing the risk profile for our clients. We advocate for individuals, communities and our neighbors challenged with phishing scams as much as we implement IA policies for mission critical government institutions.

Personalized Coaching

Aristotle once wrote “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” We feel that there is fulfillment in both solving the problems of our clients and teaching them how to continue solve future challenges. Using our own professional experiences, academic studies, and passions for learning, we have developed proven methods on how to think effectively at problems, deconstruct the salient points, and execute in a manner that is both sustainable and fun. Let us coach you on how to take charge of your change. 

IT Service Management

When delivering any service to our clients, we try to stay away from word soup and becoming blenders of technology jargon or acronyms that never end. We respect our clients’ time, mental real-estate and money, so we are proud to offer A-to-Z managed services that take a project or activity from cradel to grave. Let us make sure your IT infrastructure and enterprise services are running the way they should, while you manage your business. 

Digital Presence

Operating in the DC area, we are happy to see entrepreneurs and small businesses thriving at what they do. However, there are some businesses that we have found that could use a helping hand in converting their digital outreach into real foot traffic to their brick and mortar stores. Let us peel back your business for you, and provide you the best and most economical way to transform how you market your business and move up the internet rankings.

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