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IT Consulting Services For Any Environment

We will help you navigate technology decisions that fit the best vision for your organization. Check out what we are working on for Family Caregivers.

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About Us

We Deliver Best-In-Class Solutions From Our Diverse Team

We have over 40 years of Professional IT Service Management experience across both Public and Private Sectors.
Government Solutions

Learning Systems

Unified Communication

Enterprise Mobility


We Offer A Portfolio Of Professional, Technical and Scientific Services

Providing the discovery, research, design and engineering process for clients within Digital Health, Defense Computing, and Enterprise Automation

Assisting remote clients design, implement, migrate and maintain their infrastructure across the globe

Our team is prepared to digitally visualize your engineering designs and draft detailed schematics for planning physical and software projects.

Following the ITILv4 standard to manage the entire Design, Transition, Operation and continous improvement of all IT service needs for our clients big and small.

As the remote access needs, volume and variety of device options evolve within organizations, it's critical to have an expert on your side that can secure all your assets without slowing you down.

Our years of industry experience allows us to adapt existing technology and connect disparate systems, to avoid expensive technology refreshes, while improving capabalites.



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Endpoints Managed


Partnerships Executed


Solutions Delivered

The EngineeRD Method

Our Process To Build Value For Our Customers



We perform an intake and develop your requirements with meticulous detail.



After analysis, an implementation plan is produced, resources scheduled, and economic needs assessed.



All projects during design and transition processes are fully tested and managed using an ITIL framework until completion.



Upon completion, we measure requirements against the test reports and perform careful knowledge transfer to fully prepare clients for adoption.